Taxi Wars The Movie


The  2pop Films team has recently finished 12 months of research on Taxi Wars in the USA. Our team has worked in past 18 years on over 70 Feature Films and 150 Commercials. Our 4 Ride Share drivers in our movie have driven over 25,000 rides in the past 5 years, for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. Our two cab drivers on our research team have both driven over 30 years each in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now we go international.

We are running our Kickstarter or Indiegogo fund raising campaign in May 2017. This campaign will allow us to travel to New Delhi India, Shanghai China, and London. The other countries on our list will have Skype interviews and film makers abroad submitting interviews and clips to help make Taxi Wars a truly international full length feature documentary.

Please visit our Taxi Wars site at and if you like, join our secure mailing list. We will keep you updated on special screenings and digital perks.  Our first promotional trailer will be online soon. Thank you for your support.