About 2pop Films


Leonard Marcel (IMDB) worked in Hollywood from 1990 to 2012 as Sound Designer, Sound Supervisor, Music Editor and Picture Editor on over 70 feature films and 140 commercials. Starting off in Los Angeles with his studio in George Lucas’s – Skywalker South in Santa Monica, CA. Marcel has supervised films on many mixing stages along with HBO, Zoetrope, New Line Cinema, and Warner Bros. Marcel has worked on many independent films with directors and producers including Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia and Alison Anders. Teaming up with Kramer Herzog in 2012 the team has produced several award-winning documentary films. Marcel and Herzog’s latest Documentary “Sparkplug Cowboys” also see for free, “The World of Dennis Patton” which recently won the audience award in Napa, CA..


Completed Films by Marcel and Herzog

Spark Plug Cowboys – The World of Dennis PattonFor the Kids of PaarlEye of the storm

In Production

Taxi Wars – Spark Plug Cowboys, Full Length Version

Other Films in Pre Production

Growing up with Roswell – Slip of Dreams – The other Side of War